On 14-15 October 2011.  Foundation iWoman and Naturen organised in Wrocław, IV International Conference for Doctors and midwives, entitled "Safe delivery for  mother and child." It was attended by more than eight hundred people from all over the country and abroad. Among the replica watches lecturers were present leading specialists from various fields of medicine.


At the outset of the conference Dr. Preeti Agrawal, president of the Foundation's Woman and Nature, explained what is replica watches safe childbirth for the mother and child. Today, we should re-define - what is safe? From the perspective of mother, child and medical staff this term has different meaning. Episiotomy, KTG and recumbency during labor were introduced to hospitals in order to increase the safety and security.

For the mother safety means short and painless childbirth,return home with a healthy baby. For the child safety means - uninterrupted close contact with the mother, stressed Dr. Agrawal.

You have to ask yourself, what do you do to ensure the security for all - the medical staff, the mother and the child? How to reduce medical intervention during childbirth which in actuality is a completely natural process? How not to separate the child from the mother after birth?

The most important thing is education -first of all to prepare women for childbirth, to reduce her fears related to birth. The problem is about the physical health - we know how to deal with the physical aspect successfully, but the emotions and feelings of future mothers is not so easy to direct and harmonise.

Each  women has her own past history, her fears and concerns relating to pregnancy and childbirth.we can classify these women in various groups. The first group of women are self-confident believe in their bodies ,are aware, prepared for delivery, have a birth plan. The second group - is expecting a baby and looking forward to his coming, but is afraid. With proper support from the staff , women in this group can have a baby on their own.

The third group are women with a negative attitude to their own physiology. They believe that childbirth is a traumatic , degrading and dirty experience. Are of the opinion that without medical intervention its not possible to give birth. Finally - the fourth group is totally unprepared for the birth, does not accept the pregnancy often and in no way wants to cooperate - here we can expect major complication with natural births and medical intervention is essential.

With this knowledge about to which group the woman belongs, we can predict the need for the interventions and medical support.and thus prevent unnecessary medical interventions. Another very important factor during childbirth is support for women in labor. Psychological support, trust and privacy are issues that are very essential for natural, physiological birth. The wide use of lying down position intead of vertical positions,enhances the need for medical intervention like administration of oxytocin and perineal incision.

To change the status quo (the results of our survey of hospitals in Lower Silesia are less than satisfactory) it is necessary to work at the core- we need the training of medical staff, about the physiology and psychology of childbirth.Today we know that the way in which we arrive into this world is of fundamental importance and has an impact on whole of our life. The first impression of the world that imprints at birth, encodes in our mind very deeply and buildsour personality and all relationships.

If we want to create a world without violence, we need to ensure the quality of birth. Profession that we practice is truly holy. A lot depends on us, the medical professionals. We need to remind ourselves that childbirth is a celebration of life , with this note Dr. Agrawal ended her lecture.

Prof. Michel Odent - prominent obstetrician, who introduced the idea of water births and homely loooking birthing rooms talked about  the basic needs of the laboring women - the scientific view. We are at a turning point when it comes to human birth. I would say that we have fallen into a trap, we are at the bottom of the abyss.said prof. Odent.

During natural labor ( without medical interventions) mother's and the child's body produces a cocktail of love hormones. Today, the number of women giving birth without medical intervention around the world is near zero. It's time to ask ourselves, what will become of our civilization after two or three generations if  100% of women give birth through cesarean and with the help of synthetic oxytocin?It seems that our only hope is in rediscovering the power of women's body and in the understanding of physiology of birth. What do we understand about physiology? Which practices disturb the natural process of childbirth? Today there is widespread belief that woman cannot give birth alone, that she needs the support of medical staff and needs medical interventions. Meanwhile, a number of scientific publications have shown that birth can proceed naturally without interventions if we understand the needs of laboring women.