Foundation Woman and nature invited  Professor Michael Stark to Wrocław on 4th of march. Professor  Stark is world-famous surgeon, gynecologist and developer of the Misgav Ladach method for caesarean section and the Ten Step Vaginal Hysterectomy. He is also the president of the New European Surgical Academy (NESA), which is dedicated  to improve operating techniques. Professor Stark lectures and delivers specialized courses and trainings for doctors in United States, Asia and Europe.

What I did, together with my team from Misgav Ladach hospital in Jerusalem, is actually very simple- stated prof. Stark. We  analyzed clinical results of different surgical methods and their combinations. Then, we eliminated the surgical steps that we found to be  unnecessary, and the necessary ones we modified. In short:  we simplified the whole procedure. We came to the conclusion, that cutting by knife all the layers of abdominal cavity is unnecessary, because it causes profuse bleeding. We also decided  that there is no need to sew all the layers of the uterus. Single interuppted sutures make a stronger scar tissue and the woman feels less pain. Our simplified method of cesarean section was the subject of many scientific publications worldwide. All publications confirmed its advantages. Firstly the operation takes less time and hospital stay is shorter, secondly during surgery, the patient loses less blood and after the operation women feels less pain and the post operative recovery is very quick. All this enables the mother to take care of the newborn baby,  breastfeed her child soon after birth, the same way as it happens after a natural birth.

Professor Stark also referred to replica watches the rapidly increasing number of cesarean deliveries: as a gynecologist I must say that natural labor is the best way to give birth. Caesarean section should be performed when there are medical indications. We shouldn’t operate just because, the surgery is simple and safe. In my case, I have three daughters and I am already a grandfather, all of them gave birth the natural way. Every woman is the master of her body and the decision belongs only to her. You cannot force women to natural birth, if she is not convinced about this. However we should  emphasize and make her aware of the consequences of cesarean birth without medical indication. When patients come to me for advice, I tell them about the pros and cons of Caesarean section and they usually agree with me. If you do not have indications for surgery, try to give birth naturally.

In the next lecture prof. Stark refers to safe surgery: Every year all over the world 230 mln surgeries are being performed. From 3% to 15% of them end with complications, 8% of patients die, as a result of postoperative problems. Nearly replica watches one million people die every year, because of this reason, and we’re operating more, and more! Most of these complications are due to the fact that surgeons do not use the know-how and do not comply with safety rules, argued the professor. Still, it happens that the doctors operate wrong patient or mix side of the body, which should be operated. Sometimes these trivials lead to tragedy. This can be avoided -said Michael Stark. As part of raising global awareness on the importance of safer surgical care The World Health Organization in common with international consultants and foundations created so-called Surgical Safety Checklist- a tool for the relevant clinical teams to improve the safety of surgery by reducing deaths and complications. It’s very simple,there's really only two things doctors need to have, piece of paper and the pen. Before doctors will join the operation, they must check whether everything is as it should be. Checklist is similar to the procedure used in airplanes. It is a description of what is to be operated on a patient. All information is included in this prospectus, so there is no place for a mistake. In hospitals that have applied this checklist for three months , there was not a single case of postoperative complications.

Professor also talked about the benefits of surgery through natural orifices of the body: - I believe that this will be the future of surgery, said prof. Stark. In XIX century doctors were operating on the open abdomen, in XX laparoscopy has been created, and in XXI it’s time to do it through natural body orifices. Example? We developed a method of handling the thyroid by mouth. Firstly there are no scars, secondly, there is no inflammation or haematomas within the wound. But the most important thing is that this method eliminated the serious complications of cervical nerve paralysis. On the other hand, through the vagina, we enter into the body parallel to the blood vessels and there is no risk that they will be damaged. It's worth to take advantage of these opportunities.

Below are photos from M. Starck conference: