Dr. Preeti Agrawal (Poland)

Dr Preeti Agrawal, MD, PhD, is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. She is the president of the Foundation Woman and Nature and a head of the School of Conscious Maternity.She's been practicing gynecology in Wrocław (Poland) since last 20 years.  

Dr Agrawal is author of the following publications:

  • "The power is in you. Physical, emotional and spiritual health in the second half of life"
  • "Menopause. Myths and Reality''
  • "Woman and Nature''
  • "Discovering Motherhood'
  • "Preconception and pragnancy diet"
  • "Postpartum diet"
  • "Breasts' health"
  • "Teenage health" 
  • DVD "Touch of Love"- film about baby massage
  • CD "Preparation for Natural Childbirth through Visualization"
  • DVD "Birth Quality - Life Quality"- film about conscious birth - available in English


In 2009 for the achievements in the field of women's health Dr Preeti Agrawal was awarded Kryształowe Zwierciadło (Cristal Mirror) prize, a prestigious award of Zwierciadło monthly. The magazine for years has been publishing interviews with Dr Agrawal. The interviews focus on women problems – menstruation, sterility, menopausal changes, pregnancy and most popular female illnesses and health issues.

Dr Agrawal is a laureate of the "Unusual Polish Woman of 2008" contest in Lower Silesi in Poland (see diploma).