Yu, Jae-Sheen (Korea)

Yu, Jae-Sheen (Founder/Program Director of Sundao, THE PATH Method)     

Master Yu is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic healer,teacher, and author of books, including “Sundao – An invitation to mountain Daoist practice”.  After over 20 years of sharing his knowledge and meetings with thousands of people, Master Yu created a ground breaking program, Sundao, THE PATH Method - with unique interpretation of tradition of mountain Daoism, Buddhism and with the spiritual understanding of oriental medicine in human consciousness transformation. With his lively, enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophy. He was born nearby east mountain in South Korea. He began his personal quest and spiritual journey at age 9, under the guidance of teachers such as BongWoo (Mountain Daoist) & SungChul (Buddhist Master), along with Master HW Kwon, his grandfather and grandmother who, later in life, became a Buddhist priest & nun.

After years of focused meditation and introspection in the presence of his spiritual teachers, he was blessed with many profound experiences that led him to the “ultimate” experience of liberation and understanding that healed his suffering from panic attacks, phobias, allergies, physical pains, and the ego-mind. Master Yu discovered firsthand the truth that all awakened people point to: We are not our body, mind, pain, and suffering, but rather, we are a manifestation of eternal presence, love, and consciousness. After integrating this profound experience into his day-to-day life, Master Yu reconnected with his childhood ability of “reading” through synchronized empathy, the suppressed thought forms and emotions in the body and energy of people with amazing accuracy. He also began “seeing” the many interconnected layers of the person’s unconscious and identifying the original causes of energetic block, pain, and illness.


Sundao* : (literally the way of nature for human perfection) is Master Yu's unique interpretation on the ancient mind/body disciplines (Sundo, Shinsundo, Sunbup, ...)* from the perspective of Well-Being** as a whole. Sundao, THE PATH Method, “the Art of Whole-Being, Well-being” along with “The Art of Breathing, Energy Alignment”

Sundao for WB**(WHOLE-BEING, WELL-BEING) = Being In the state of physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, happy and loving, the most abundant life with the full clarity and realization of whole-being who we truly are, Full Potential of who we are!