Dr Vitaly Vel (Ukraine)

Dr Vitaly Vel has graduated from the National Medical University in Kiev and the National University in Zaporizhia. He specialises in bone setting and therapeutic massage. He is the author of a unique concept of “correcting soft tissue structures of joints and spine”, which allows to prevent pathological influences of spine disorders on the brain, organs and body systems without any surgeries or invasions.

Dr Vel’s method is used in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Between 2003 and 2004 Dr Vitaly Viel worked at the Central City Clinic No. 1 in Kiev and between 2004 and 2009 – in a private Quant Plus Clinic in Osnabruck, Germany. In 2010 he moved to Moscow where he worked at the 3дравствуй Rehabilitation Centre for Children. For 10 years he has also been working at Atlant Plus Centre in Zaporizhia. At the moment he cooperates with the Polish “Król i Smok” Foundation.