Dr Claude Diolosa (France)

Claude Diolosa from France (currently living in Assisi, Italy) is a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Far East martial arts instructor known across Europe. For many years he worked as a doctor in Germany and France.

He gives lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of postgraduate courses for doctors and therapists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland and the Czech Republic. His vast knowledge and remarkable talent in conveying this difficult and complicated art have won him respect and huge popularity in various circles outside the world of medicine.

He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the European University of Chinese Medicine (l’Université Européenne de Sinobiologie) in Paris as well as the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Sichuan, China). Among his teachers there were Chinese masters from esteemed medical families where Traditional Chinese Medicine has been taught for more than 20 generations.

According to the art of medicine principles, he continues his self-education (e.g.: in a prestigious university in Chengdu, China, where lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine are also given in English). He is often invited to the most important Traditional Chinese Medicine congresses in Europe as a well-regarded lecturer.

Claude Diolosa is a lecturer, therapist, philosopher, discoverer of universal truths and a teacher of life in harmony between the body and the mind.