Anna Gurynowicz (USA)

Anna Gurynowicz is the founder and president of the EndoPositive International™, an organisation that deals with health education, focusing on the connection between the body and the mind. She is the author of the book entitled Alone in the Crowd: Living Well with Endometriosis that has been translated and published into Polish, English, Russian, French and Spanish.

In her 5-year practice in the USA she cooperated with patients from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Nigeria, Kenya, Poland, Russia and Latin America. She helps women discover a proper way to physical and mental help. She teaches self-trust, personal autonomy and healthy lifestyle. Her motto is: When you are sick, everything you want is to be healthy. When you are healthy, you want everything.

Anna Gurynowicz has a master’s degree in culture-based pedagogy and psychology. She is a co-founder of Beyond Publishing. At the moment she is studying at the prestigious Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, attending lectures by such world-known personalities as Dr Oz, Deepak Chopra and Dr Mercola.